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Lustful Wanderers? Adventurous Travel Stories?

Ever since they met doing a pen-pal program for Home Schoolers, Brook and Heather have been friends. They decided to go to the same college together where they met Nikki, Travis Jo (not TJ), and Todd. They all love travelling and writing, they're all hilarious, and most importantly they're all besties. Nikki brought some baggage to the group in the form of her boyfriend (now husband) Greg who tries his best to fit in and add his own blend.

Together, the travel stories become Wanderlusting.org a travel journal, an adventure chronicle, and gloriously funny.

Some choice samples from the travel journal:

We hope that you enjoy this. If you have any feedback, feel free to leave a comment or send us an email.

Buen Viajes,
The Wanderlusters

I was fortunate enough to have stumbled upon your blog while searching for jobs in Argentina. Mendoza seems to be the perfect location for my manfriend and me but I've had a really difficult time finding places to apply. We are both TESL certified and I have some 'Business English' experience as well. I was told there were several opportunities there, but alas! I have found none. Do you work for an institute? If so, would you mind sharing your secret or any other helpful information? I will be happy to bring you anything from the states that you may require when we arrive in three months!


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