Mexican Spanish Slang

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Some Slang Used In Mexico
I don't know it all, but here are some of the slang words and uses I have picked up in Mexico. Some of them may actually used in other Latin American countries as well.

Güey- Probably the most used slang in Mexico. It is like "dude," and is used ALL the time (pronounced almost like “way”).
Pinche- fucking (adj.)
No manches- No way! Not to be used in formal situations.
No mames- No way! The cussword version. Definitely do not use this in formal situations. literally it basically means don't blow me.
Mamada- blow job
@- used when a word can be male or female, to represent both the “O” and the “A” in the word.

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Vines of Mendoza - A Sanctuary for Argentine Wine Lovers

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The Vines of Mendoza is a truly amazing gathering place for wine lovers. It's hard to describe the business because it is many things.

Tasting Room, Wine Bar, Education Center in Mendoza, Argentina

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Re the king of superlatives

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Relatively common in Spanish slang (and particularly the Spanish of the southern cone South America) is the set of words requete and the prefix re-. These all serve to emphasize the next word in the sentence.

So, "re-caliente" would mean really hot, like it is in Mendoza right now. You could also say that "el tiempo es re-feo" or "requete-feo" meaning really ugly weather.

Re is also a homograph for "rey" or king - hence my feeling that this is the "king" of superlatives. I'm hilarious, I know.

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Quick Tutorials - Survival Spanish at

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I recently learned about the resource which provides single servings of language learning. In our trip we have 3 days/2 nights in Paris and are more than a little concerned about not knowing any French. Our Spanish is solid, and our Dutch is passable, but French is a weak point. Hopefully they'll take pity on us, but learning a few phrases from the French resource page will really help.

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