Hiking El Pital - The highest peak on the border of El Salvador and Honduras

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In 2006 we went on a trip to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. On that trip we "hiked" El Pital, which is mostly about taking a bus to a mountain pass on the side of the mountain and then maybe a 2 hour walk up the road to the top of the mountain.

Bus to El Pital

I don't remember the exact name of the town where we found the bus, but it should be relatively easy to figure out. We started in La Palma and took the early early morning bus to another town. Then we had a little food from a pretty nasty pupuseria while waiting for the bus up the hill. The mountain pass had a tiny shop where we bought some potato chips and similar things.

The hike

We basically just walked up up up until we couldn't. We were prepared to pay the people who own the land around the summit for permission to cross their land and get to the top, but that turned out to be unnecessary. It could be that they were just gone at the time. There was no view for us because of all the clouds, but it was nice and crisp weather and beautiful jungle vegetation.

I agree with you, I'll put into practice what you mentioned in your article. Thanks for the imput.

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