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Hiking El Pital - The highest peak on the border of El Salvador and Honduras

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In 2006 we went on a trip to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. On that trip we "hiked" El Pital, which is mostly about taking a bus to a mountain pass on the side of the mountain and then maybe a 2 hour walk up the road to the top of the mountain.

Bus to El Pital

I don't remember the exact name of the town where we found the bus, but it should be relatively easy to figure out. We started in La Palma and took the early early morning bus to another town. Then we had a little food from a pretty nasty pupuseria while waiting for the bus up the hill. The mountain pass had a tiny shop where we bought some potato chips and similar things.

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Mexico City's Centro Histórico and the Zócalo

View of the Zócalo

One of the quintessential sites of Mexico City is its main central plaza called the Zócalo. The Zócalo provides a gathering place and center of transit for tourists and locals alike. Here is a view from above, with a fun column detail demonstrating typical architectural design.

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Historic Maps of Latin America

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For me, maps are little gold mines of information. I love to pour over them imagining what the place is like, or letting them remind me of my favorite parts of a trip to a specific area. As we spent our 9 months in the Spanish Speaking world the one souvenir we kept from every location was the local maps. I'm sure that in years to come these will be great for kickstarting our memories.

Historical Maps of Latin American Locations

Mexico City Airport-- Still Dangerous

I just read in a travel briefs article about an increase in robberies at Mexico City airport money exchange offices. I think this is really just a reminder that in Mexico CIty, as in any major megalopolis, you have to be street smart and watch your back.

Seattle Times article on Mexico City Airport

Mexico City Sights: Introduction

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Hello all! My time in Mexico is winding down. I have only 3 months left on my contract, and then will be moving to NY where my fella lives. I have been thinking about what is on my "list"-- things I want to make sure I do before I leave. I was recently at a happy hour for NGO workers and environmentalists, and another gringa I chatted with mentioned that she was thinking about her list as well. I also recently had some visitors with whom I saw some of the basic sights again, and loved them just as much-- or more!-- than the first or second (or third) time(s).

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