Life in Mendoza, Argentina

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There are places that you fall in love with immediately, like Buenos Aires with its elegant architecture and glamorous neighborhoods or the quintessential Southwestern town of Santa Fe, New Mexico. And then there are places that win you over slowly, that work their way under your skin, until eventually you're convinced that there's no better place in the world.

After our time here, Mendoza has officially succeeded. Mendoza is nearly Denver, if Denver were to add a booming wine industry and affordable gourmet meals (for tourists, anyway). So what do we do with ourselves in Mendoza? We live in a great apartment near the center and close to the city's big park. Greg spends his days working away on projects of his own and for clients. Nikki is teaching English and has been taking Spanish lessons to prepare for the diploma de español como lengua extranjera. On Wednesday nights, we head to The Vines of Mendoza for Winemaker's night, where the winemaker from a specific winery talks about their wines while we sip away and munch on cheese. Thursdays have become our weekend free day, and we've started a tradition of heading to visit three wineries.

The only things we are missing are our friends and family and, sadly, spicy food.

Does this mean you're still coming back to the US?

Hey Nikki,
I was researching wine schools in Mendoza and came across your profile. I'm from Denver and am living here too! I'd love to meet if you guys have any free time.

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Claro! I just emailed you asi que nos vemos pronto.

hi nik,
i just came across your wedding picture today in a drawer and thought of you guys, obviously. it's hard to see a picture of someone and then not think of them.
how are you? you look happy and well.
and hi greg :) you are looking more like a movie star all the time!
we're a happy family of 4 now. you can see a little vid of our baby at the blogspot address i put on here.
we still live in p-town, getting fatter and hippier by the day.
happy belated b-day to you, nik.
love to you guys and wellness,

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I watched the video--hi world's cutest red-headed baby!! I just wrote you an email update:)
love you!


I sort of hate you guys... in a good way.

Dear Nikki:

My husband and I are thinking about spending 6-9 months in Mendoza--can you tell me about teaching English in Mendoza? Do you do it on your own or through a school? How did you get started?

Thanks much! Kate

[...] will go direct to our phones. So, let’s say that you just won the lottery and want to move to Mendoza, Argentina and build a strawbale house - send emails like that direct to our cell [...]
[...]  •  Spanglish With two months left of our adventure, we left our life in Mendoza and strapped on our backpacks for a final travel push before returning to the motherland on May [...]


I am tamara, I am living in mendoza and getting married soon...would like very much to meet you guys...i am trying to build a support network here in mendoza...


Are you still looking for a support network?

I am interested in moving to Mendoza to consult wineries. My family is up for it. What do you think ?

Hi! I found your blog while searching for info about Mendoza. A friend and I are planning to go there to live for a couple of months. Can you recommend a good spanish language school and a way to find affordable accommodations? Thank you for any help!

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Wonderful, I'm sure you'll love it in Mendoza! I would recommend Instituto Intercultural for language classes in Mendoza. I took Spanish classes there and taught English, and the teachers were great. They can also arrange a homestay which is pretty reasonable. Housing for tourists is a little pricey because your stay will be short term, but locals look for housing in the classified section of local paper Los Andes: . Also, here are some suggestions about finding housing in Mendoza.

Les deseo mucha suerte!


Thank you so much for the quick response!

Hi Nikki Im a South African in living and working in mendoza for 2010 I know a lot about wine can you please send me some information thanks.

Hi, you know just I am looking for a teacher to continue learn English. I am Mendocino. I would like to talk with you about English lesson.
now you have my email and contact me.

good luck

I stumbled upon your blog looking for ESL teaching positions in Mendoza. I'm currently living and teaching English in Buenos Aires, but I would like to move to Mendoza this summer. I was wondering what information you have on finding a teaching job there/ accomodations/ salary- do the teaching jobs pay enough to live on? Here in Buenos Aires most of my time teaching is spent traveling to different companies on busses.. I assume it'd be somewhat different in Mendoza. Any information you can give me would be much appreciated.. thank you!!!!

Please send me an email if you are willing to help me out!


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Not too different from Buenos Aires in terms of being practical as a source of income. There are some agencies in Mendoza so your travel is reduced, but you definitely cannot rely too strongly on making money from teaching English in Mendoza.

Hey Nikki and Greg,

I have been living abroad for the last four years and am currently in Santiago. I am Moving to Mendoza some time next week to get ready for the ski season and would like to know some people there. I am also a certified English teacher with a degree in Poltical Science from Canada looking for work there in Mendoza. I would love to meet you guys for a glass of wine and talk.


Mendoza is a magical place, Argentina is a magical place. I lived in Buenos Aires and taught English for a year. I cycled through vineyards, ziplined through the mountains and danced tango in the city. I highly recommend spending some time in Buenos Aires. It's a beautiful city with vibrant culture. While living in Buenos Aires I began TeachBrave, a Native English Teacher Recruitment Agency. Since I've been home I've been connecting English teachers with English Institutes in South America. If you're looking to teach English and see the world check us out!

Hey Nikki,

I see a few other comments similar to my question but I am looking to go to Mendoza to teach English but am just wondering how you went about it. I have lived in Madrid for the past 4 years and taught some English there but don't have my ESL certificate yet and was just wondering what the best way to go about looking for a teaching position in Mendoza would be. If you have any insight could you please email me. That would be great!
Muchas gracias!

Hello Nikki,

My name is Lydia. I currently live in the United States, but my fiancé is in Mendoza. We met here in the states, but circumstances required him to move back to his country. Our relationship has been long distance ever since. I have traveled to see him on several occasions through the past years, but recently was thinking on extending my stay. I am a certified teacher in Florida, with an ESOL endorsement. I was interested in finding out how I may be able to teach English as a second language in a school in Mendoza, this way my fiancé and I could be together, and I could work as well. However I have no idea how to start. If you have any advice, please let me know.

Thank you so much,

Hi Nikki
This is the second time I stubmly upon your blog. The first time was in December 2009 and now :) I am from Mendoza but have been living in the U.S. for almost 16 years. I am thinking of moving back to Mendoza to teach English and would some advise as to how to contact the "Institutos de Ingles" and how to proceed. Are you still there or do you know anyone there to give me some advise?

Hi Nikki!
Great to come across your blog! I was in Mendoza a month and a half ago and fell in love with the place! I am back in Hawaii, but will be taking an English teaching course and plan on heading back in a year or so. Is it fairly easy to find English teaching work In Mendoza? Thank you and much Aloha!

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