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Cutest Parents Ever - Films of Open Source Traveler Noel Hidalgo

greg's picture

Sorry for writing so much recently, but as the date to depart approaches...it's getting exciting.

This is from travel buddy Noel Hidalgo of Luck of Seven who is traveling the world to write and document open source software and politics and other great stuff.

greg – Thu, 2007 – 06 – 28 14:21

Quit your job, rent your house, and move abroad!

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The plan to quit our life here in Colorado and move to South America for a year has been in the planning stages for 2 years...and was a hope before that. Well, it has finally become for real, frill you could even say. When we got home last night to a rent check for our house, I realized that living abroad is no longer just something we're hoping will someday happen. In fact, it will be starting two months from today...frill.

Nikki – Wed, 2007 – 06 – 27 13:43

Argentine Specialties (and US Specialties in Argentina)

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The other day we were having dinner with a friend recently back from Buenos Aires and eating some alfajores that she brought. These delightful little balls of chocolate, wafer, and caramel are an Argentine specialty that people who have been to Argentina almost always fall in love with. It's a local specialty and something to bring back to share with other travelers.

greg – Wed, 2007 – 06 – 27 12:38

thought for the day: help a lost traveler

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So, as we continue our preparations for the knaddison global tour of Spanish speaking countries this morning I was walking through the bus terminal in downtown denver trying to find my bus when I found an Aisan man who looked lost. I asked if he needed help and he said yes. It turns out that he was going to Boulder and in fact going to somewhere very close to where I work. So, I offered to walk him most of the way there. He's from Guangzhou (the third largest city in China, apparently) and was very happy with my limited Chinese phrases (nee hau, shi shi).

greg – Wed, 2007 – 05 – 30 10:18

Ritmo Latino Podcast

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So, as part of getting ready for our trip we're working on our Spanish. Of course, while working on my spanish I also have to find time for life and that other kind of "work" ;)

So, I've been taking advantage of the Ritmo Latino podcasts. In between their eclectic mix of Latin music you get a dose of seriously heavy Spanglish from the lovely host. It's really la great way to insert some new and different spanish into my day without requiring full attention.

Asi se goza

greg – Wed, 2007 – 05 – 23 12:25

On my way again!

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Hello again, faithful wanderlusters! I am about to finish my masters, and have a temporary job in Mexico City. I am emocionada to be in Mexico again, and promise to write a lot about my time there. If anyone will be in the area, I already have an apartment and would love to have visitors.

Brook – Mon, 2007 – 05 – 21 23:48

Knaddisons World Tour of Spanish Speaking Countries - It's ON

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That's right, Nikki and I have been planning a trip to the southern portion of the Americas for a few years now and it's finally going to happen. You might even say it's on like donky kong.

The Countries

It all starts in Spain. The madre patria. Het moederland. We went to Spain a while ago and got to visit Sevilla and Granada. It was just for a weekend (we were living in the Netherlands at the time) but it was awesome. Finally we get to go back and see Barcelona, Madrid, and probably more of the fun Andalucian cities.

greg – Tue, 2007 – 05 – 15 08:58

solidarity with other central american travelers

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Some good friends of ours have just begun a trip of about 6 months through Central America. Their goal is go learn Spanish really well, do some volunteer work to help improve the environment, and/or socio-political system, and to have a little fun as well.

Central American Travel Blog

They have set up a nice travel blog to cover their trip and even have a first post from guatemala. Great news!

Rain Skirts - Like Rain Pants - but way better

They are also working on and planning the basis for a really innovative company selling Rain Skirts which is a functional and fashionable alternative to a trench coat or rain pants. It's a great idea and nearing full fruition which is very exciting as well.

So, congrats the Reid and Libby for their boldness and dedication to their dreams. It's really cool to see these things coming together for them and to support them in the process.

greg – Fri, 2007 – 02 – 23 08:53

good coffee in south america

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In case you hadn't heard, Nikki and I are planning to head to South america for about "a while" starting around September 2007. It should be fun. Nikki lived in Buenos Aires for 6 months during a study abroad program and I visited her so we know a little about the country.

One thing we are really dreading is the coffee. Your choices are typically just instant folgers crystals or...well that's it. The standard north american drip isn't available in most places and it's quite a sad thing for two drip fans like ourselves.

Coffee advice from Current Travelers and Expats

greg – Thu, 2007 – 02 – 08 07:47

Finding Luxury and Culture in Puerto Vallarta

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My only two visits to Mexico have been to resort towns.  While I have traveled to Spain, Central and South America pretty extensively, I don't know my own neighbor. 

Nikki – Thu, 2006 – 12 – 21 19:33