solidarity with other central american travelers

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Some good friends of ours have just begun a trip of about 6 months through Central America. Their goal is go learn Spanish really well, do some volunteer work to help improve the environment, and/or socio-political system, and to have a little fun as well.

Central American Travel Blog

They have set up a nice travel blog to cover their trip and even have a first post from guatemala. Great news!

Rain Skirts - Like Rain Pants - but way better

They are also working on and planning the basis for a really innovative company selling Rain Skirts which is a functional and fashionable alternative to a trench coat or rain pants. It's a great idea and nearing full fruition which is very exciting as well.

So, congrats the Reid and Libby for their boldness and dedication to their dreams. It's really cool to see these things coming together for them and to support them in the process.

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