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Chinese Moon Festival Party and KTV

Things over here are going very well. Saturday was the Chinese Moon Festival, so my class had a lot of parties and invited me to them. Now when I say "party" what do you think of? Music? Dancing? Talking? Drinking? Games? What exactly does it mean to have fun? How does our cultural environment influence what we think is fun? Is it also defined by age? (Ok, I think I have been teaching a little too much, I've turned into "Question Heather") The point is, I went to college parties thrown by students of my age, but this "party" consisted of sitting around, eating moon cakes, drinking Pepsi and grape juice with 3% alcohol (yes I tried to get a buzz but it did not work) and making people stand in the middle and sing a song or recite a poem.

Since I was the token foreigner, a lot of the party centered around my singing a song, or songs. I sang requests, from Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On," to "The Power of Love." Did some Mariah Carey, also sang "I Swear," "I will be right there waiting for you," and of course, some Backstreet Boys. I didn't even know I knew all of these songs but I was practically forced to keep singing and singing. Yes, I also taught them dances, such as the Macarena, the Running Man, the Cabbage Patch, and naturally the Roger Rabbit. They asked me to teach them some Western dances and these are the dances that came to my mind. You have not lived until you watch a bunch of Chinese 22-year-old college students doing the cabbage patch and running rabbit. We also played games like, "How Fast Can You Eat the Apple," which pretty much goes like this: everyone has to eat an apple, and whoever eats it the fastest is a winner! At one of the parties all the students got into a big fight with whip cream from a cake and put it all over each other. One student asked me if I thought they were crazy. I said, “Oh, yes, you are very crazy!” He said he thinks they are crazy because in China school is so hard and they don't get much time to relax so when they do relax, they just have so much fun. The parties all ended by 10:00 at the latest. Like I said, crazy fun!

Welcome to School, Chinese Science Students - here is your tongue twister and Pop Song

I also found out I am to give a performance in a week at the big party welcoming the freshman to school after a month of military training. It will be for the whole science department. So, I am working on a Chinese tongue twister and put together a skit with some of my other students. I will also be singing, “I want it that way” by the Backstreet Boys with one of my more out-going students, Rock.

KTV in China is nothing more than a whorefest! Young, scantily-dressed girls abound and are yours for the asking. Sure, you sit around and sing karaoke, drink, play dice, and have fun, but you are expected to purchase a girl for companionship. You can purchase the girl to simply sit with you and pour your drinks, all the way up to bed for the evening. Some of these girls looked to be very young. I would image some were 13-14 years old, but others were in their later teens and 20's. I found the whole incident to be very sad and turned my stomach. Gladly, I did not do anything more than have my drinks poured, but others I saw were taking pure advantage of the opportunity that was presented to them. I would not have even done that if the Chinese company I went to visit had not paid for everything ahead of time. I must admit, the Chinese are very hospitable. I am sure I offended them slightly when I kept refusing the girl for the evening. When one of the Chinese men asked why I did not want my girl, I simply stated, "that is not what I do."

Hi my boyfriend go often to China for business If it's no problem for you It will be very nice of you to give more informations about KTV

Damn you are a prude. They are there by choice and taking them out or dating them is not taking advantage of them. That's your brainwashed feminist politically correct western mindset. So sad.

Come to my site to unbrainwash yourself if you like, at HappierAbroad.com

Ok I've heard the stories about KTV as well and the hotel I stay always has some great looking girls to greet you as you walk by......So I wonderd in to one finally and enjoyed the atmosphere.....dice, music, cute girls. I will say it does feel a little wierd to have a lineup of gils enter the room and you pick one of your licking to stay with you.
They are friendly though but hardly any english......And she was more than happy to come to my room and keep me company....I dont see anything wrong good time had by all!!

KTV girls , yes there beautiful, yes you can sleep with them. Keep it in perspective though. I travel to China often and I have leant a few lessons. Before I allowed my self to fall in love with a stunningly beautiful girl . Got the apartment, gave her big money every time I came back. It went on for two years. Thought we were a couple. Even wanted to marry her. Then when she thought she had bled me for all she could and after taking 50,000 rmb from me she fled back to Hubei to be with her chinese boy friend.
Now broken heart mended, every time I go I have a new one for the duration. No broken hearts, everybodies happy. Girls happy , Im happy. Lesson learnt..

I have to agree...it was a little weird. I have been to brothels around the globe and last night was one of the strangest. The KTV in China is a mix of the Amsterdam window shopping, the Japanese servitude, the U.S. management and the overlooked age labor laws of most of Asia....with really bad singing and to much beer to drink. I have never felt so creepy handing out cash for services.

Great post. See more about sex and prostitution in China on my blog http://chinakaifang.blogspot.com

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Not all KTVs are ' Rent -A-Girl' outlets.

I've seen this in China, but I never stick around for the "festivities". When you participate in this you show them Christians are no better than godless heathens. Nice going.

christians are no better than heathans. thinking otherwise gets us in places like Iraq. wake up moonbean!

Heathens? Ok you freaks.

Anyway, Although not agreeing totally with the religious weirdos above, I agree in principle. Was at my first Chinese Karaoke experience tonight. Being brought to a Karaoke joint with no prior knowledge of the Chinese culture was something of an eye opener. From going from an expectation of a kind of jazz room environment with people sitting at tables admiring or having a go themselves to sitting in a room and ten beautiful girls being hoarded in and the manageress claiming "If you dont like, say so, and we get ten more". Needless to say I was stunned....out of pure politeness I picked a girl, was lucky enough that the one I picked was the only one of the 3 "finalists" who spoke English. She explained that the girls are there for 'Whatever you want', from just pouring your drinks to as far as you want to go. I really didn't like the experience, but if you explain what you are there for, no pressure is put on you, and although you can't get away from the sleazy nature of the place, you may be able to enjoy yourself.

But remember.......the girls get paid a lot more if they manage to stay the night with you, so beware. They can get suggestive at times. If you have a girl that speaks your language it's a big plus.

where are these places? Specifically Beijing, where I live....

I've been in china once ! As a married man I never betrayed my wife even when everything was ready ! I don't remember why ! I'm going there again ! The company I visit always arrange everything in advance !! I don't know what happens there ! but I agree with some above comments as I experienced it , chinese girls at KTV or massage rooms and visitors spend time with them are equally happy ! And regardless of the work they do (the girls I mean) they keep their loyalty to their Boy Friends and in their culture seems foreigners are just toys to make money and fun and boys can let you spend time with their GF. After finishing working hours you can see girls and boys leave the work like lovers !

[...] KTV in China: Chinese-Karaoke | WanderlustingKTV in China is nothing more than a whorefest! Young, scantily-dressed girls abound and are yours for the asking. Sure, you sit around and sing karaoke, drink, … [...]

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