The Mexico City Airport: Terminal 1? Terminal 2?

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Hello all,

Because the Mexico City Airport (Benito Juarez, airport code MEX) opened a second terminal recently, I thought I would share a quick tip. The airlines that arrive at Terminal 2 are:

All others arrive at Terminal 1. The metro (Yellow Line, stop: Terminal Aerea) goes to Terminal 1, and is very easy to find and take. You can take safe taxis from either terminal by buying a ticket at a taxi stand (not by answering one of the gentlemen yelling "TAXI!", they are not necessarily safe). I don't know Terminal 2 very well, but if you have to meet someone at Terminal 1, there are two international arrivals gates about 200 yards apart and very nearby is a restaurant called Freedom which is easy to find and a good spot to meet up.

hi Brook,

I am traveling for the first time to Mexico City. I'm flying United and wanted to thank you for the terminal information and also the suggestion to meet my friend who is picking me up at Freedom Restaurant. I'm very excited and looking forward to the trip. I will leaving on AeroMexico and am worried about finding the right departing gate. I don't speak spanish but my friend dropping me off at the airport when I leave does. How far into terminal 2 can he go? I'm hoping he can lead me up to the departure gate.


Hi Frances,
How exciting! You will absolutely love Mexico City. To answer your question, I don't think you should be worried at all about getting to your gate at the airport. All signs are in both Spanish and English, and the layout of Terminal 2 is very open and intuitive. Your friend will be able to go with you all the way to security, although not to the gate itself. But once you get through security, the gates are clearly marked. The only caveat is that sometimes they don't have the gates assigned to the flights until 30 minutes or so before boarding, so you may have to check in with the information desk. If this is the case, don't be intimidated. They are used to having people that don't speak Spanish ask about their flights, and will be able to help you. If they don't understand your question, show them your ticket, and they can look up whether or not a gate has been assigned yet. You can sit and wait by the information desk until they have your gate number. Actually, showing your ticket to anyone in a uniform is a good strategy, even if they don't speak English they will point you in the right direction.

The other thing to be aware of in Terminal 2 is that if you arrive to the airport via metro you will arrive at Terminal 1 and have to take another tram to get to Terminal 2. It will be free for you with your ticket but your friend will have to pay (under US$5 if I remember right). Worth it, though, for your peace of mind.

Good luck, and feel free to post more questions!


Brook thanks a million!!

From Terminal 2, can't i take the metro from the station called "Hangares" or "Pantitlan". Are any of these two stations within comfortable walking distance from the entrance of Terminal 2 ?

What's the issue like with the Swine Flu ? Will I need to wear a facemask when I arrive in Mexico City ?

If I visit Teotihuacan now or Zocalo ... will they be open ?

Hi there,

I can answer the Terminal 2 metro question-- You will have to take the shuttle to Terminal 1 to get on the metro.

As for the Swine Flu question, I'm not there right now so I can't tell you for sure, but my guess is that public squares like the Zocolo will be open but no one will be there, and all attractions, like Teotihuacan, will be closed. You could wear a mask, but the most important thing will be to wash your hands frequently.

Enjoy my favorite city in the world!

I am flying in on Continental...and I see this arrives at Term. 2. I am being picked up by friends. Where should I have them meet me? Can they meet me right outside of the Customs area? Is there any reason I would have to go to Terminal 1?I really appreciate any help you can pass onto me...REALLY.

Hello Tori,

Terminal 2 has a very obvious front entrance that includes a big car pull-around, huge glass doors, and planters shaped like giant styrofoam coffee cups. I would say that is a good area to meet your friends.

They can also come and wait for you outside the customs area, and no, there's no reason that you would have to go to Terminal 1 unless you and your friends are taking the metro. If you are, your friends may not be able to come meet you at Terminal 2. As I said, the metro leaves off at Terminal 1 and there is a shuttle between the two terminals. At times you can pay to take it without a ticket, and at times they won't let anyone who isn't flying take it.

Just to ease your mind a bit, it is a very well-signed airport and everything is in both Spanish and English. And the employees are very helpful if you approach them politely.


Hi! This is the first time we are flying with aeromexico to Mexico city from Calif. We are going to Cancun with 1 1/2 hour stop over. I know we fly into Term 2. Do we have to go to Term 1 to catch the plane to Cancun or do we stay in Term 2? Is the luggage transfered for us? I assume that immigration is done in Mexico city. Any help would be greatly appriecated.

Freedom restaurant you mention in Terminal One changed name a while ago. It is Baron Rojo. Yes, it is a good place to meet and easy to find right outside of Baggage Claim and Customs.

Brook, I love your blog! I was just working in DF for a week and am going back to Mexico to study Spanish in the spring, probably in Cuernavaca... I was staying in Coyoacan while I was there so all your anecdotes and MMMs bring me back, they are awesome. Muchas gracias y espero que tu puedes regresar pronto.


Thanks for the great info. Question. My wife arrives in terminal 1 Air Canada at 13:10 and has an Aeromexico flight at terminal 2 at 3pm. Is this doable??

Thanks for your help!


Hi Brook, Great Blog-Thank you

Question: Airport Hotels:

I am arriving in MEX via Air France late pm and depart Aero Mexico to Huataulcu next morning.
I can't seem to find info on which Terminal is better to book a hotel. Any sugestion between the Hilton in Terminal 1 an the New Hotel in Terminal 2?

Thanks a Million

I have students arriving on international flights at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. I know AA arrives Terminal 1 and I believe Continental arrives Terminal 2, how do I get the students who fly into terminal 2 to meet us at terminal 1?


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A lot.

Thanks so much. This post is a most serious help for us. My wife and I are traveling shortly and the layout of the airport can really help! Very considerate of you to post.

Hey brook,
do you know how we can get from terminal 1 to terminal 2?

Three friends are traveling on AA to MEX terminal 1.

Do you know where bus tickets are purchased once one exits customs in terminal 1?

We are en route to Queretero via Primera Plus. I understand buses leave from both terminals now. Are we able to buy tickets and board anywhere near customs? Do you happen to know which sala we should head for?
One of our companions doesn't walk long distances easily so the more we understand the better.

Thank you for your time and expertise.

Hi Brook,
I am arriving in terminal 1 and my friend is arriving in terminal 2. I've read that you have to have an onward ticket to use the aerotren between terminals, is this true? Or will I be able to use it to meet my friend and just have to pay to use it (which is fine by me!)?
Thanks a lot!

Due to cost, I will be using points to fly in/out of Mexico City & then a separate purchased ticket for the final destination of Oaxaca. I know I have to go through customs, etc... but is there enough time to do this with approx 1.5 hrs between flights (this is on my return - I'll have a few hours on arrival so I'm not worried about that). Aeromexico from Oaxaca then switch over to Air Canada - Terminal 2 to Terminal 1, I believe.
Thanks so much!

I am traveling to Mexico City and meeting a friend to then go on an international flight with the friend. Where is a good place to tell her to meet me. The airline is TACA.

damn . i have gone through hell at that time . it would have been better for me if i have checksd ur city mate .. will definitely have a constant look here for future updates if any .. lol

greek gear

Does anyone know which hotels are in terminal 1?

The first level of Terminal 1 has holding rooms and gates 1 through 36 (right to left), with national departures, fast food & banking zones to the right - and international departures, Immigration, Lost & Found, ticket offices for 'foreign' buses, Hilton Hotel, airline ticket counters for the F, F1, F2, G & J gates.

This what i could find via google.

Others, please correct me if i am wrong

My English is not so good, so please answer my question in simple words.

I am going to Mexico next year, and i saw these flights.
I am wondering if i can make it in time with the transfer from and to terminal 1-2.

Never have i been in my life flying with tranfers like this, but is the only option i have in DF.

I step on the plane, get out in DF.
Do i have to go through the customs authorities at DF?
I think so, because i will have a domenestic flight from DF to Veracruz.

How long would it take for a newbee in Mexico to get through this?
Do i have to buy tickets for the train pending between the terminals?

02-feb-2012 Amsterdam 14:40 (KLM)
02-feb-2012 Mexico City 19:25

I only have 1 hour and 15 minutes to go through all procedures at Mex DF.
Is that enough?

tranfer from terminal 1, to terminal 2.

do, 02-feb-2012 Mexico City 21:40 (AeroMexico)
02-feb-2012 Veracruz 22:35

return flight:

23-feb-2012 Veracruz 19:20 (AeroMexico)
23-feb-2012 Mexico City 20:20

transfer from terminal 2, to terminal 1.
1 hour and 30 minutes.

Will that be enough too?

23-feb-2012 Mexico City 21:50 (KLM)
24-feb-2012 Amsterdam 15:10

Both Airlines are working under the Skyteam flag.

Please help me!
Big thanks in advance from Holland

I want to know if i can book this flight, or must look for alternatives such as flying with Lufthansa or flying via CDG (Paris) Airport.

I am arriving at Terminal 2 (Mexico City airport) & need to take a flight from Terminal 1 a couple of hours later. Please can you offer advise on how far the terminals are, what is the options of traveling between the 2 terminals. How long is the customs process take, i am assuming i need to collect my bags only to re-checkin.

Thanking you in advance.

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