Mexico City Sights: Introduction

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Hello all! My time in Mexico is winding down. I have only 3 months left on my contract, and then will be moving to NY where my fella lives. I have been thinking about what is on my "list"-- things I want to make sure I do before I leave. I was recently at a happy hour for NGO workers and environmentalists, and another gringa I chatted with mentioned that she was thinking about her list as well. I also recently had some visitors with whom I saw some of the basic sights again, and loved them just as much-- or more!-- than the first or second (or third) time(s).
In thinking about all this, it occurred to me that I might share some of those ideas with my lustful wandering friends. If you have suggestions, please send them along, and I will update every few days with a little bit of info about one of my favorite sights. I'll try to throw in a healthy balance of Lonely Planet and non-LP things and also include whatever inside tracks I've gained in my year in Mexico City and previous time in other places.
iUn beso!

Hi Brook....I am visiting Mexico City "again" in October. I have seen all the main attractions on a typical tour such as the Zocalo, Murals in Natl Palace, Museum and Castle in C. Park, Guadalupe Shrine, Pyramids, Insurgentes Market, Ballet, Xochimilco...What is left? I am presently trying to hire a guide friend to pick me up in her car, and take me to other interesting places not hit by the tours. Do you have any suggestions for requests I should make? We will be in the DF for only ONE day (a Sunday) before heading up to San Miguel Guanajuato, etc. on our tour bus with the rest of our group. Thanks if you have time...Sharon in South Carolina

Hello, thanks for the post on Mexico. It's a great country as I learned during my studies there. I'd like to get back sometime soon and get myself lost again. This time I'll try to not get myself robbed as last time.

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