nuoveau riche en el DF

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Last night I had another opportunity to go to a party with Mexico City's upper crust (ie really fucking rich). I can't say for sure that this family was nouveau riche but all the signs were there. They have a tire business in LA and a house in the new-richest neighborhood in el DF. The party was in the jardin but I went in the house and it was like an 80s movie about rich people- marble, lion heads, mirror walls, the whole nine. Even a maid in an all-white uniform. I can't even tell you what an asshole I felt like asking her how her night was going, half-drunk and clacking through on stilettos. I kind of love and kind of hate going to those kind of parties. It is the same old story-- I am a communist and i hate all richies, but on the other hand, I love when someone brings me free jello shots all night long. What is a girl to do in this city of grandes brechas economicas y sociales?

One final point: After the party we went to a club called Pasaje America which is above the famous Sanborns in the Historic Center-- the place is amazing, it is hundreds of years old and you feel like you are on the titanic when you are inside, plus there are always tons of fabulous gays making out and really loud techno and reggeaton music so it is kind of trippy. Well, we got there and the federal police had raided it a few minutes before, so there were federales with machine guns everywhere. Thinking about it now, if that had happened in the U.S. we would have gotten back in the car and fled, but since it is Mexico we went to the door anyway and tried to convince the bouncer, and several policemen, to let us in anyway. Of course we didn't get in. Chinga.

My boyfriend calls me a "Chiple". He says it means spoiled brat. Is this the true translation? I can't find it anywhere to make sure he's not calling me something dirty.

Hi Chiple,
I hadn't heard that used in Mexico but according to the urban dictionary, it does mean spoiled in old Mexican Spanish. It sounds to me like that might be one of those words that has kind of gone out of favor in Mexico, but has survived in the US with Chicanos who learned Spanish from their relatives who moved to the US one or more generations ago. I have always heard consentid@ for spoiled and well taken care of.

could be "chipil" that means you are very sensible, somedays like a pre-menstrual syndrome.

This person probably means sensitive, because sensible in Spanish means sensitive in English (false cognate). And that makes the PMS suggestion make more sense.

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