Delicious Restaurant in the Centro Histórico in Mexico City: La Casa de Las Sirenas

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Restaurant Recommendation in Mexico City's Historic Center

If you're looking for a delicious and authentic restaurant with a view, La Casa de las Sirenas located in the Centro Histórico of Mexico City is a great choice. Its prices are slightly high when compared with other local fare, but the view and food quality makes this restaurant well worth the price.

The offerings of this adorable place are traditional food with a food network flair, like Mango Mole, that provide a twist to well loved recipes. The margaritas are delicious but ojo: they cost US$10.

Wow I would like to visit there. As a Gujarati boy I always in search of some Gujarati Food, but always my face turn bad when I never found...hope this restaurant may have my favorite Gujju Food....:)

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