Spanish class recommendation in Buenos Aires

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In preparation for taking the Diploma de Español como lengua extranjera, I spent our last two weeks studying Spanish in Buenos Aires. Through craigslist, I found Natalia, an incredible teacher with very reasonable rates. I've been taking Spanish classes much of my life, and Natalia is hands down the best Spanish teacher I've ever had. En serio.

She offers classes downtown, and mostly does individual classes but can teach group classes. She really knows what she's doing, and has a great way of explaining concepts in a new and different way. I've learned the subjunctive so many times, but her way of presenting the information really made sense to me. She expects students to be motivated and do their homework, and in doing so, she helps students get to a new level. ¡Suerte!

Detrás de un gran maestro siempre hay un buen estudiante!

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