Vines of Mendoza - A Sanctuary for Argentine Wine Lovers

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The Vines of Mendoza is a truly amazing gathering place for wine lovers. It's hard to describe the business because it is many things.

Tasting Room, Wine Bar, Education Center in Mendoza, Argentina

The first experience that we had with it was as a "wine bar". You can go, order a glass, and sit in their amazing courtyard enjoying the space. It's a very clean, comfortable courtyard with beautiful black tiles, soft lighting, and a canopy created by a giant vine that is probably a hundred years old (not a grape vine, but the bottles of vino more than represent the uva at this location)

In terms of Education - the Vines of Mendoza also runs several special nights. You should check in with them for details and exact schedule because it can change, but our experience now is: Wine and Cheese every Monday (haven't been), a Winemaker's Night every Wednesday where local winemakers come and share their insights and philosophies, and "bubbly night" the last Friday of the month serving Espumante and Prosecco style wines (you know it as Champagne, but there are subtle differences like it's from outside the Champagne region, darling).

Private Vineyards, Wine Resort/Spa, Online Wine Sales to many states in the U.S.A.

They also offer a program for "private vineyards" where they are planting fields which individuals can buy. When you own some of this land you get to give some level of instruction as to the care of the vines and fermenting of the grapes. Of course the production is yours to enjoy. Personally this doesn't appeal to me (I'd rather let experts handle this and enjoy my wines from many areas) but if you've always dreamed of owning a winery, but don't have the time, this is for you. Their eventual plan is to have luxury homes and a resort-spa mixed into these private vineyards so that it becomes a complete oenophile's dream.

They also have a big online wine operation complete with store, blog, and store personality/wine expert Aaron Epstein.

I can honestly say that based upon our hard research (ermmm...lots of wine tasting) the Vines of Mendoza sells some amazing wines in their store. I never saw these while I was in the US and I don't think many of the wineries work on exporting but you can still get the wines from the Vines of Mendoza's store. I am fairly certain will become a frequent buyer when we return to the USA.

Sooo...all these options make for a very happy Greg and Nikki:

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