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on beers in argentina

Wine is amazing because within the same drink there are so many ways for an enologist to play with the flavors and so many ways it can taste. Compare that to something like beer where you can taste many different kinds but they are all the same.

— The tour leader at Jean Rivier in San Rafael exposing more about the beers available in Argentina than about his knowledge of the fine beverage!

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about rain and earthquake proof houses in Mendoza

"Nuestros edificios son anti-seismic pero no son anti-lluvia".
roughly means "Our houses are earthquake -proof, but not built to withstand the rain"

— One of Nikki's English Students when a rain storm opened up and the floor under the table during the asado started to get soaking wet.

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on parillas and resacas

Ordering a parilla is like getting a resaca - it's good to do once a year or so just as a reminder of how much you hate it.

— Greg

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on the bus to las cañitas

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Your English is flawless, really perfect.

— to Nikki said by an "Ugly American" behind us on a bus
I guess he thought we looked like Argentinos Puros

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If you eat too many pupusas will you get a pupusASS?

— Greg - while on a bus in El Salvador and watching a large woman eat a Pupusa

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Walking Down the Street

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Did you hear that? You guys are dogs!

Heather - in response to a driver by saying "Hey

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Did that ever happen to you?

{crazy story}...Did that ever happen to you?


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Getting Drunk in Foreign Lands

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Oh my gosh you guys, we were in this bar in {insert location} and we were so drunk from these {insert drink name} that are a really indigenous drink and we partied until 6:00 am because it's just the cultural thing to do in {insert country of location}.

— Unknown Traveler

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