Mexico City Advice to Sharon in SC

A question comes in from a wanderlusting reader:

Hi Brook….I am visiting Mexico City “again” in October. I have seen all
the main attractions on a typical tour such as the Zocalo, Murals in Natl
Palace, Museum and Castle in C. Park, Guadalupe Shrine, Pyramids, Insurgentes
Market, Ballet, Xochimilco…What is left? I am presently trying to hire a
guide friend to pick me up in her car, and take me to other interesting
places not hit by the tours. Do you have any suggestions for requests I
should make? We will be in the DF for only ONE day (a Sunday) before heading
up to San Miguel Guanajuato, etc. on our tour bus with the rest of our group.
Thanks if you have time…Sharon in South Carolina

Hi Sharon,
Sounds like a wonderful trip you have planned. If you have one Sunday in Mexico City, I suggest going to the Markets and Tianguis. This is something so Mexican, and in Mexico City so Chilango. I recommend spending the morning wandering the mercados near Metro Merced, where you will see the pet market and the party market, and then Mercado Sonora, which is over a pedestrian bridge across a major street, and sells all the brujeria (witchcraft/black magic) supplies you can think of. Then head to the market and tianguis at Metro Lagunilla where there are book markets, clothes markets, and one whole indoor market devoted to weddings, quinceneras, baby showers, and mariachis. All of this is within a few blocks. Grab a snack or a juice from a vendor to enjoy while you walk through. I think these mercados offer such a wonderful slice of Mexican life and culture, and one that most tourists won't see.
If that is not your thing, you could spend a pleasant day in the Coyoacan neighborhood, which has the Frida Kahlo and Leon Trotsky museums and a nice market. Eat at La Guadalupana in the center of Coyoacan, a very old building with bullfighting memorabilia and good (real) Mexican food.
Another idea is having a big comida (late lunch) at one of the sumamente Mexican restaurants in Mexico City. A several course meal of fabulous food at San Angel Inn, for example, will cost about US$60 per person, more if you order drinks, but is fully worth it for the cuisine and the hacienda atmosphere. Another great choice is El Candelero on Insurgentes Sur. More great hacienda atmosphere and wonderful food.
If you are here for a Friday or Tuesday night, see a Lucha Libre match. Although it sounds a little cheesy, I have been twice and LOVE it! It is very exciting and, again, a great slice of Mexican culture.
Hope that helps! If you have any other questions, comment again and I will get back to you ASAP. Enjoy your trip!!

Hey Brook, I'm so glad to discover your blog--thanks for the airport info.
From another DF fan,
Jim Johnston

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