Finding an apartment in Mendoza, Argentina

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For those of you thinking about moving to Mendoza (or even just living there for a while), the best place to find an apartment is through the online classified section of the local paper, Los Andes. Mendoza's answer to craigslist, everyone knows about Los Andes and is the first place locals go to find a place to live. Many apartments come furnished (amueblado) or at least have the option.

If you're first staying at a hotel, you can also ask for a recommendation of an inmobiliario, which is basically a real estate agent that helps people find apartments/houses. We weren't sure how people find housing here, so we used an inmobiliario who ended up coordinating with landlords and making the whole process easy. Since Los Andes is entirely in Spanish, using an inmobiliario would be a good idea if you're not bilingual.

Many hotels advertise themselves as apart/hotels, meaning that they have apartments that you can rent for longer terms. If you're planning to stay for more than a week, apart/hotels are definitely a bad deal compared to what you could get if you rented an apartment through a landlord.

three of us are looking for a good apartment in mendoza for one week, preferably with access to a swimming pool, one bedroom with sofa bed would be ok but good price is important and good location near centre if possible, any ideas folks

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