A new kind of MMM

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Most Mexican morning
The other day I had a conference, so I took an alternate route. Normally I have a short walk to work, through a mostly residential area. This day, I walked through the main park of my delegation (Coyoacan) and through business streets.
First, I saw every business owner doing what small business do every morning. First, they open the giant metal garage-style doors that protect storefronts at night, and then they wash the floor of the store or restaurant as well as the sidewalk in front of their door using soapy water and a broom to scrub. A lot of them also have giant squeegees that they use to push the rinse water out.

Cuidame virgincita

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Although anything with the virgin Mary screams Most Mexican Moment to me, I think this story is extra special. This evening when I got home from work, one of my old spinster landladies invited me in to see the candles she paints and sells. She paints mostly flowers but she also does the major candles for masses, and she does the work for free for two nunnery cathedrals.

Perritos Mexicanos

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I like to think that one of my all-time top MMMs was seeing a bunch of little white dogs in a box in a hardware store with a sign that said $ Poodles French $. They were decidedly not French poddles. They were, however, shaved in the form of french poodles, even though they didnt have the curly hair required to sport that little poof-ball doo.

Recently I have seen several little white dogs here in Coyoacan that have their ear hair dyed different colors. Ever time I see a dyed doggie I have to chuckle, and remember how happy I am to be in Mexico.

Mi Querido Mexico

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Hola, hola!

Back in Mexico! This time for a while. I finished the old masters degrees, and got a three month mini-job here in Mexico City. But they've offered me a year contract, so I'm staying!
Here's the quick rundown: The NGO I'm working for is a policy advocacy and information group on reproductive rights, with a focus on abortion rights. It is a nice atmosphere, and I feel like my work uses my skills and training. My honey was here for the three months, but has headed back home... a year is kind of a long time to acompaƱar someone.

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