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I am now in Juchitan, Oaxaca,Mexico, first I want to say sorry to everybody i didn´t have time to see before i left, but as usual I put everything to the last second. Ok, so if you don´t know, I´m here for the summer in a medium sized town in the far south of mexico about an hour from the pacific coast working at a cancer research-prevention-treatment center and doing a qualatative research project about the organizational structure and how that is influenced by national and local culture. nerdy, huh?

I feel really good right now, i found an apartment and got a cell phone yesterday and moved in today, it is so cute, a furnished room in a lime green building with rustico furniture and a nice view of lots of trees, a fewroofs,and chickens galore. Right now there is a big party and the street is blocked off and a band is playing and all the ladies are wearing the big Oaxacan dresses like Frida Kahlo loved so much. The hospital where I´ll be helping out is really simple, more like an empty office building. They go out into the cou8ntryside every week to do screenings for women´s cancer (teaching breast self exams and doing colposcopies) and I´m going to get to go along on those, probably just doing education and intake paperwork.

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