The Dogs of Mendoza - Both Sneaky and Sweet

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In Buenos Aires there were some stray dogs, Uruguay had some more, and now Mendoza seems to have a ton of stray dogs. Here are some of our favorites:

Dogs of the Acequia

One of our first sights when moving into this apartment was the dogs of the acequia. Acequias are irrigation ditches and run down all the streets in Mendoza to keep the trees alive. They are often dry (it's a desert here) and since it's so hot above ground and cool under the streets where the acequias run, some dogs live in them. We had 3 dogs that took up residence in our acequia for a few weeks.

Here is a closeup of the hole where they lived:

The Doorway Guard Dog

We've been taking photos of lots of beautiful old doors and buildings here. This dog was sitting in a doorway (not his) and seemed to be guarding the place.

Sweet Olivia and the Sneaky Devil

Our apartment has a shared courtyard and the landlord lives on the first floor, her daughter is directly above her, and we are in the other half of the building with a Mexican tennis coach living beneath us. The daughter of the landlord has a beautiful dog named Olivia who is about as sweet as a dog can be.

Here she is a month later with Greg. She does actually move from that spot every now and then, but mostly is just very well behaved - no barking, no jumping.

And the sneaky devil...basically we were out walking Olivia and this guy was following us (happens a lot with the strays). I made it Nikki's job to fight away the strays since I usually get stuck with that job and this little guy kept sneaking up when she wasn't looking so she named him the "sneaky devil". Every couple of days we'll open the garage door on the apartment to head out and, lo-and-behold, the sneaky devil is sitting outside hoping to chase us again.

This guy is almost cute enough to bring home. How can you resist? I admire your strength.

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